PSTN / Mobile Calls

Get calls to your landline or mobile phone anywhere worldwide.

VoIP Calls

Make or take VoIP calls on your smartphone or PC, with our apps.

Online Control

Change diverts anytime online using the web control panel.


Choose your UK phone number in any one of over 650 UK area codes. Forward the phone calls made to your number to your existing phones, using either PSTN or VoIP. Use the additional call features to handle your incoming calls and take your phone number with you wherever you go. You can also change phone call settings anytime online.

A Geo/local number

Choose your own UK phone number in the area code you want your clients to think you are based in.

Call forwarding PSTN

Forward calls using PSTN to your landline or mobile phone. Use existing phones to receive calls.

VoIP calls in & out

Forward and make calls using VoIP on your PC / Laptop or use your smart phone and VoIP.


Never miss any business - allow the system to take a voice message for you. Get back to callers when you are available.


This is a software app that is free to use with VoIP on your computer or laptop.

Smartphone app

Download the smartphone app so you can make and take calls using VoIP on your smartphone.


Caller line identity shows the number of the person calling you so you can ID callers.

Call whisper

When you answer, the system notifies you whether it's a business or personal call.

Packages & Pricing

Starter Pack (dmConnect12)

This is all you need to get up and running & includes:

  • A UK local number of your choice
  • 6 month's rental @ £3 per month
  • £3 calling credit

Total Package: £25.20 (incl VAT)

Order Now

Costs & Rates

Monthly Fee: £3

Call Forwarding costs:
UK landline: 1.25 ppm
UK mobile: 8 ppm

Outbound call costs:
UK landline: 1.25 ppm
UK mobile: 8 ppm

VoIP forwarding / calls: Free

Other costs:
Full tariff costs (worldwide)

Why buy one of our numbers?

You want a number in the UK but not a fixed line

With a virtual phone number, you will not have to get s second phone line installed in order to get another number. In stead all calls to your new virtual phone number will be diverted any one of your existing phones, so you will need at least one landline, mobile or PC (VoIP) to get going.

You want a number that follows you wherever you are in the world

With a virtual number's flexibility, you are able to set the diverts to any phone, mobile or PC (VOIP) almost anywhere in the world. This means that in you have a landline and move offices, you simply change the diverts to the new landline at your new office. Similarly, if you travel or on the road, just change diverts to any other mobile, landline or use VoIP. You phone number goes with you and people have no idea that you are not in a specific location.

You want a number with a specific UK dialing code

You would like to appear to be based in a specific dialing code or city like London even if you are based elsewhere. For example, you would like a number in the London 0207 dialing code, but are based elsewhere, you would like to create the impression you have a London address but you rent cheaper office space in a more affordable area. Of course if you are based in London, this is not a problem either, you can still divert the calls to any one of your phones, mobiles or use VoIP.

You already have a landline, mobile or PC to take and make calls on

Virtual numbers work on a forwarding system. Any calls made to a virtual number need to be forwarded to an existing phone, mobile or VoIP setup. This means that in order for your virtual number to work you will need an existing phone, mobile or VoIP setup.

You want to use VoIP for calls

Using VoIP can result in a fixed phone line cost. This is because there are no variable call charges when using VoIP. VoIP uses your bandwidth (this will be charged for by ISP) but the costs are very low and for international calls it's very cheap. You can use VoIP with your PC and with your smartphone using the WebPhone on your PC or the smartphone app on your mobile.

You want more call services for your calls.

If you have an ordinary phone line or mobile and you need to add calls services like voicemail, CLI, VoIP and more but you don't want to buy an expensive machine, then adding a virtual number can solve this with a very low cost. Simply get your virtual number and setup your call handling as you choose. Your callers will appreciate the professional service.

You want to save money

Using our call forwarding and services can save you money on call rates and on hardware setup with regards to machinery needed. The VoIP offering can even assist you achieve a fix monthly cost. Forget expensive machines and international calls, use our service for better rates all around! Plus there's no risk as we offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy.

You want to be able to take messages when busy

Never lose any more business due to being busy, rather let the system take a message for you. You will then be able to get back to your clients when you have time to do so.

You want to be able to tell who is calling you via CLI

Caller line identity will display the number of the person that is calling you, so you know before hand who is on the line. You can then decide whether or not you should take the call or let the system take a message for you.

You need to know if calls are business or personal via call whisper

When you answer the phone, the system will tell you that it is a business call that was made to your virtual number (and not to your mobile number, for example, directly). This is useful if you share a home and business phone. If your kid answers the call, they can then let you know it's a business call and then you can answer the call instead of them doing it.

You want a money back guarantee (14 days)

Like any product we believe that a money back guarantee will give you the peace of mind you need when ordering our service. If you are not happy within 14 days we will refund you.

You want online control of your virtual phone number

Our online control panel allows you to fully control your phone number from wherever you can access the internet. If you need to change diverts and setting, you can login anytime and make the changes to your call handling as you need to.

You want excellent support for your UK virtual number


You want an easy to remember gold number for marketing

For an additional fee we offer gold numbers which are easy to remember. The numbers contain special sequences like (123123) or repetition (111222) etc. These numbers are charged for at a gold rate. You can see the gold rate when you search for your phone number in the ordering process.

You want to track calls to a specific number using call logs

There are a number of reasons why you may want to track calls to a specific number, perhaps you are running a competition or a special marketing campaign. Log in and see your call logs to measure your results.

You want instant activation

We offer an instant activation via credit card payment. Let's get you up and running now, signup and start to show your customers the professional side of your call handling.